"I engaged Willow Creative in March 2013 to redesign our logo and put together some promotional flyers.

My strength is in words, not pictures. Let me put it to you this way: I still don’t know what colour goes with orange but I do know what words rhyme with it.* So trying to nut out a visual identity has always been an intimidating and frustrating job. That is, until I went to Willow.

Julie sat my artistically threadbare chassis down in her lovely office, took my vague ideas and promptly presented me with a range of logo choices that frankly amazed me. My problem in selecting my logo was not finding one I liked, but eliminating those I didn’t like.

A similar experience followed when designing my flyers. And all within my very slender budget. Thank you, Julie!

*There are no English words that rhyme with orange."

Lyn Stone,  Linguist Learning

“Setting up my own business was a daunting task, but explaining to Julie the vision I had for my business, now and for the future, she came up with some amazing designs and ideas. She captured exactly the beachy, calm feeling I wanted to communicate to my clients, in a way that flowed through all of my marketing tools. I will certainly continue to use Willow Creative in the future for all of my business marketing and design needs.”

Tarryn Michie, Mornington Optimum Health