Welcome to Willow...

welcome sign.jpg

It seems everyone is blogging these days - my family and I are familiar with the concept having kept our own blogs previously (mine was a raw food blog - a 30 day raw food challenge and an amazing experience - I'm sure I won't get too people many banging down my door for details on that one but happy to share if you're keen)!

Instead of mindless chatter, my 'blog' will simply share glimmers of inspiration. Colours, textures, photographs, nature, food and urban development - all elements that one can gain ideas from to then redevelop in a creative manner. Perhaps some of the imagery and ideas posted may just be the trigger to our next collaborative design project?

It's taken me a while to finally launch a real site, time has not been on my side, so I hope that you may share my web address with friends or family that could be thinking about a design project - big or small.