Facebook promos (and liquid cats)

Facebook - such a normal part of life now that no explanation is needed. For businesses and community groups, particularly those with a low marketing budget, it's an inexpensive way to build an audience, connect with fans, promote products and services, create interest and build your brand. 

Eye catching Facebook promos are a great way to do all of the above - and ones with a bit of humour can rival 'Cats are Liquid' any day. For liquid cats click here and prepare to be amazed. For some sharp, clean Facebook promo examples, continue on.

I recently put together a series of Facebook promos for my client Rachael Nicholas Makeup + Hair. We had a giggle at some of our ideas, but that's what's so great about Facebook - it's a great place to do something fun that you mightn't do in an expensive print advertisement. Check them out.