Everyone loves a good before and after don't they? I know I do. Dramatic make-overs, renovations... I just can't get enough and find them so inspiring. Those brave designers or hairdressers who boldly take risks and get jaw-dropping results are, in my book, geniuses.
Those who know me know that I do love an interiors magazine or three, or four. My dream is to buy the run-down renovators delight and transform it into a thing of beauty... one day (watch this space).

Anyway, back to the topic - just imagine how excited I was to be offered the opportunity to manage the interior make-over of a local cafe. Yes me. I am not sure which part made me happier, the challenge of finding the right brackets for the shelves or just getting away from the desk and into civilisation (a self-employed graphic designer = way too much time in front of a computer). 

The Saddlers Cafe in Somerville, with its mixed themes of horses and racing cars and it's walls thick with bacon fat mixed with spray tan from the tanning salon it housed in its previous life, decided to close... and I know what you're thinking... just how could anyone improve on the existing decor?  But the challenge was something I was up to. 

And, armed with a tape measure, drawings, a whole lot of Pinterest research, an open mind willing to learn (and be wrong!), lots of ideas and imagination - and an awesome co-pilot (cafe owner, Bibi) - the little beauty that is RAW MEET CAFE was born. 

Very proud of her and the amazingly, delicious healthy food that she pumps out daily. Thanks so much Bibs for giving me the chance to be part of the journey x